PHW's Mission

PHW's Mission Statement

(As stated in the by-laws, revised June 2020)

Preservation of Historic Winchester, Inc. was organized by concerned members of the community in 1964 and incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1968. The Corporation exists to safeguard the heritage of the Winchester and Frederick County community and to improve tomorrow by preserving the area’s past.

To encourage the people to maintain and improve the charm of their community, this Corporation shall, through a program of education: collect and disseminate information relating to history and architecture; provide information to individuals and organizations undertaking preservation-related projects; and enlist support for and participate in the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and ownership of sites, buildings, structures, and objects significant to the cultural, social, political, economic, and architectural history of the Winchester, Virginia area.

The Corporation shall be able to receive easements and place covenants on properties that are of historic and/or architectural value or which significantly influence properties of historical and/or architectural value. The W. Raymond Jennings Revolving Fund was established in 1974 as a vehicle for purchasing neglected or threatened historic buildings and reselling them, after adding protective covenants and/or easements. If the Corporation ceases to exist, all easements and rights to enforce covenants shall pass to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

The Hexagon House, PHW's office and a Revolving Fund property.