Preservation Award Recipients

As preservation became more common in Winchester, PHW wished to recognize people for their work in saving buildings and retaining the history of Winchester for future generations. In that spirit, PHW began honoring people and projects that fit this mission of preservation in 1980. PHW continues that tradition with eight award categories.


Lucille Lozier Award

This award is named in honor of Lucille Lozier, a founding member of PHW and president of the organization in 1969. It is one of our highest honors, awarded for the renovation of a significant structure retaining 75% of the historic architectural fabric.

Past Recipients »

1986: Virginia and Bill Miller, the Grim-Moore House, 510-512 S. Loudoun
1987: City of Winchester, Rouss City Hall
1988: Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation, the Hexagon House
1989: James M. Stewart, 207 S. Kent St.
          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scheder, the Huntsberry building, 157 N. Loudoun St.
1990: Betty and Hal Demuth, 24 S. Washington St.
1991: Rabina Rich, 185 N. Loudoun St.
1992: Frederick County Board of Supervisors, 1845 jail, starting point detox unit
1993: Tom and Jackie Sowers, 123 N. Braddock St.
1994-1996: NA
1997: F&M Bank for 9 Court Square
1998: Karen and Mike Caplains, Neil and Barry Myers, Vaucluse
          Adams Companies, Fern-Adams building, 303-307 S. Loudoun St.
1999: Bob and Evelyn Wilson, Red Lion Tavern, 204 S. Loudoun St.
2000: NA
2001: Handley Regional Library
          Al Graber, 302 W. Boscawen St.
2002: County of Frederick, Old Frederick County Courthouse
2003: Christ Episcopal Church
2004-2005: NA
2006: Harry Ridgeway Jr. and Frederick County VA, Old Courthouse Civil War Museum
2007: OakCrest Companies, Lewis Jones Knitting Mill, 126 N. Kent St.
2008: Glen Burke and Charles Botto, George Washington Hotel
          Habitat for Humanity, 142 Baker Street Warehouse
2009: Deb Johnson and Richard Oram, the Union Bank Building/Union Jack Pub
2010: OakCrest Co., the Lovett Building, 165 N. Loudoun St.
2011: Yount, Hyde & Barbour: Adaptive reuse of the former PERC building, 302 S. Loudoun St.
2012: Shenandoah University, the Solenberger Building, 142 N. Loudoun
          Larry Omps and Lawton Saunders, the Mesker Building, 144-146 N. Loudoun
2013: NA
2014: The Adams Companies, 315 & 317 S. Loudoun
          OakCrest Companies, the Old Star Building, 29-33 E. Boscawen
2015: Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Rose Hill Manor House, 1985 Jones Road
2016-2017: NA
2018: Richard and Melanie Lewis, 21 South Washington Street
2019-2022: NA

Ben Belchic Award

This award is named in honor of Ben Belchic, a founding member of PHW. Ben Belchic was also an active member of the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, so the Belchic award recognizes a significant contribution to understanding Winchester's history. These awards are generally presented for written texts, such as books, maps, National Register nominations, and guided tours.

Past Recipients »

1986: John G. Lewis
1987: Patricia Zontine
1988: Ben Ritter
1989: NA
1990: Warren Hofstra
1991: Maral Kalbian
1992: NA
1993: Eloise Strader, editor of four Quarles books and President of WFCHS
1994: Joseph Whitehorne
1995: John Lewis for Woodwork of Winchester, VA 1750-1850
1996: Wilbur Johnston, Civil War maps
1997: Stewart Bell
1998: Mac and Donna Rutherford, Crossroads of History
1999: WFCHS for Washington's Headquarters
2000: WFCHS and Maral Kalbian for Frederick County, VA: History Through Architecture
2001: Tim Youmans, documenting Rouss City Hall
2002: Marjorie Copenhaver, nominating Opequon Historic District to National Register
2003: NA
2004: Dr. Jackson and Betsy Glaize Helm, The Fair Mount Story
2005: NA
2006: Adrian O'Connor, Remembering Winchester, Virginia, the Best of the Valley Pike
2007: NA
2008: Michael Foreman, Some Worthy Women
2009: Warren Hofstra, Lecture Series "Our Community, Our State, Our Nation: American History in the Modern Era"
2010: Warren Hofstra and Karl Raitz, The Great Valley Road of Virginia
2011-2012: NA
2013: Pat Ritchie, Trish Ridgeway, and Bob Grogg, editors of Handley Regional Library, the First One Hundred Years
2014: Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, for interpreting the history of Winchester through the Glen Burnie House
2015: Judy Humbert and June Gaskins-Davis, History of Douglas School Winchester, Virginia: A Tribute to Endurance, Belief, Perseverance, and Success
2016: Mount Hebron Cemetery, Mount Hebron Cemetery History App
          Bob Hampton and George Schember, Walking in the Footsteps of General Daniel Morgan
2017: Wil Johnston, On the Town! Celebrating James Wood and the Founding of Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley
2018: Timothy Youmans, Winchester Street and Alley Name Origin Database
2019-2020: NA
2021: Mike Robinson, Winchester Tales
2022: NA

Elsie M. Rosenberger Award

This award is named in honor of Elsie Rosenberger, who volunteered at PHW behind the scenes in the 1970s-1980s. This award recognizes the unsung volunteer or volunteers who selflessly contributed to the activities of PHW.

Past Recipients »

1988: Dorothy M. Rice
1989: Thomas Wood Baldridge
1990: Elizabeth Engle
1991: Mary B. Gildersleeve
1992: John Lewis
1993: Jimmy Galbreath
1994: Judith Jeurgens
1995: Jenny and David Powers
1996: Eleanor Rodman
1997: Mary Riley
1998: Jim and Barbara Laidlaw
1999: Judith Omslaer and Charles Alton
2000: Paul H. Thomson
2001: Gary Kula for 401 S. Kent
          Colleen and H.B. Ritter for Kurtz Building management
2002: Robert Boxley
2003-2004: NA
2005: George and Jeanne Schember
2006-2007: NA
2008: Eleanor "Brookie" Phillips
2009: Betty and Edwin Orndoff, for faithful service to the Holiday House Tour
2010: Patricia Zontine
2011: NA
2012: Sherry Bosley
2013: Debra L. Johnson for Bough and Dough Shop
2014: NA
2015: John Chesson
2016-2018: NA
2019: Frances C. Lowe, editor of Winchester: Limestone, Sycamores & Architecture republication
2020-2022: NA

Carroll H. Henkel Award

This award is named in honor of Carroll H. Henkel, PHW's first president in 1963-1964. This award recognizes outstanding leadership for historic preservation in the Winchester-Frederick County area.

Past Recipients »

1986: Eleanor White
1987: Betsy Helm
1988: R. Lee Taylor
1989: Katherine G. Rockwood
1990: Eleanor White
1991: Jane Yerkes
1992: Mary Jane Light
1993: Linden Fravel
1994: Alson Smith, Jr.
1995: Patricia Zontine
1996: Bernard F. Groves Monument Co., for Friend's cemetery on Jubal Early Dr.
1997: NA
1998: Kernstown Battlefield Association
1999: Leo Bernstein, Wayside Foundation of Museums and History
2000: NA
2001: Mr. Kevin D. Adams
2002: Katherine S. Whitesell, Fort Collier and Stephenson's Depot Alliance
2003-2006: NA
2007: Congressman Frank Wolf
          Elizabeth Reader and Charles Swartz
          Richard E. Bell
2008: James A. Davis
2009: Maral Kalbian, for her efforts to promote historic tax credits
2010: NA
2011: Jim Deskins, economic redevelopment efforts
2012: Vincent Diem, protection of historic building fabric in Winchester
2013-2014: NA
2015: Linda Quynn Ross, leadership of the French and Indian War Foundation
2016: NA
2017: The Clowser Foundation, leadership efforts to save the Clowser House from demolition
2018-2022: NA

Patron's Award

This award recognizes a person or business which has been an outstanding supporter of the goals and programs of PHW. This award usually recognizes a financial component (donations, fundraising efforts, etc.)

Past Recipients »

1997: Mary Henkel
1998: Mr. R. Lee Taylor
1999: Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation
2000: Mrs. Anne Steidinger
2001: NA
2002: Cody Dearing, Dearing Beverage, sponsor for the Blues House
2003-2011: NA
2012: Eugene B. Smith Gallery
          Dr. Peter Bullough
2013: Dr. John Chesson
2014: The Economic Development Authority
          The City of Winchester
2015: NA
2016: Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, for ten years of in-kind support of PHW
2017-2018: NA
2019: Elizabeth G. Helm, republication of Winchester: Limestone, Sycamores & Architecture
2020: NA
2021: Margaretta Barton Colt
2022: NA

Lifetime Achievement/President's Award

This award recognizes a person who has worked for the goals and programs of PHW over many years. Whereas a Henkel Award may recognize a short term, high-impact project, Lifetime Achievements are a recognition of "slow and steady" work for preservation efforts over the long-term.

Past Recipients »

2009: E. E. Bayliss Jr., Realtor for the Revolving Fund
2010: NA
2011: Wilbur M. Feltner, pioneer in redevelopment of Old Town
2012: NA
2013: John G. Lewis
2014: NA
2015: Eloise Strader
2016: Katie Rockwood and Patricia Zontine
2017: The Orndoff Family
2018-2022: NA

Katherine G. Rockwood Revolving Fund Award

This award is named in honor of Katherine G. Rockwood. Mrs. Rockwood was the driving force behind the original 1976 architectural inventory of Winchester, the Jennings Revolving Fund, and innumerable other programs and activities of PHW. This award recognizes the outstanding renovation of a Jennings Revolving Fund property.

Past Recipients »

1996: Barbara Tierney, 800 Amherst St.
1997-2006: NA
2007: Erich and Kristin Bruhn, 211 S. Washington St.
2008: Brandon Pifer, 707-711 S. Loudoun St.
2009: NA
2010: Scott and Shyama Rosenfeld, 804 Amherst St.
2011: NA
2012: Adams-Nelson Management, 311 S. Loudoun St.
          Dennis Rhodes and Richard Johnson, 800 Amherst St.
2013: NA
2014: Joseph and Sharon Collette, 510-512 S. Loudoun St.
2015: Tom and Deanna Stouffer, 125 E. Clifford St.
2016: NA
2017: E.G. and Joanne Hamill, 513 S. Loudoun St.
2018-2022: NA

Certificates/Awards of Merit

These awards recognize renovations of houses or buildings that contribute to improving the character of their neighborhoods and maintaining the overall historic fabric of the city. Early awards encapsulated all later named awards and may appear anomalous.

Past Recipients »

1980: Orville Wine, for work done on old John Kerr at cost
          Phil & Carolyn Griffin, 418 N. Loudoun
1981: McCrory's
          30 S. Cameron St.
1982: Jack Fretwell, Edgehill
          Gary Farrington and his mother, 11-13 E. Monmouth St.
          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ogden, Lowry House, 409 S. Braddock St.
1983: Phil Grove, John Carter house on Cameron St.
          Dr. Comstock, 324 (W?) Boscawen St. restoring original roofline
          Irvan O'Connell, for long years of solitary preservation dating from the 1940s
1984: Carolyn and Phillip Griffin, 402 S. Cameron St.
          Wendy and Donald Griffin, 106 N. Washington St.
          Shenandoah Fellowship Foundation, Elizabeth Engle accepting, 29 S. Cameron St.
          Betty and Hal Demuth, 24 S. Washington St.
          Shenandoah College, Old John Kerr
          Plaque to Kate Schultz for her work in color
1985: Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, 216-218 Indian Alley
          Allen Fox and Michael Cross, 25 Indian Alley
          Col. and Mrs. Jesse Johnson, 220 W. Boscawen St.
          Bruce and Kay Dawson, 607 S. Cameron St.
          Steve Bauserman, 609 S. Braddock St.
1986: Sid Snellings, 23 N. Braddock St.
          Dick DeBergh, 1 S. Cameron St.
          John Hawse, 40-44 E. Piccadilly St.
1987: Donald Stewart, Miller and Anderson Plumbing, 15 E. Boscawen St.
1988: Steve Koman, 40 West Piccadilly St.
          B.I. Associates, John Scroth and Philip Glaize, 103-111 East Germain St, 702
          and 704 S. Cameron St infill lots.
1989: Charley Rouss Volunteer Fire Company
          Rebecca Ebert and Teresa Lazazzera for Frederick County, VA, From the Frontier
          to the Future.
          Robert N. Scully
1992: Timothy Scott, 803 S. Kent St.
          Betty and Bob Edwards, 302-304 S. Braddock St.
          Sarah and Gene Smith, 221 S. Cameron St.
          City Light, 208-210 N. Kent St.
          Juliette and Winslow McCagg, 15-19 E. Boscawen St.
1993: Kenneth Gilpin, 129-131 E. Cork St.
          Charles Jackson, 110 W. Leicester
          Deb and Steve Bauserman, 619-621 S. Braddock St.
          Mrs. Charles Hardy Grim, repointing 1850's home, N. Braddock St.
          Debbie and James Snyder, 107 N. Loudoun St.
          Selma Medical Association, 1845 medical office adaptive reuse, 104 Selma Dr.
1994: Norman G. Sites, 830 Amherst St.
          Winchester City Schools, 12 N. Washington St.
          Douglass Swift, 215 Sharp St.
          804 Amherst St.
          Steve Koman, Old Post Office, 216 N. Braddock St.
          Toni Wallace, County Court Reporters, 124 E. Cork St.
1995: C. Douglass Adams, 115 E. Clifford St.
          Kit Molden, East St. 20th century row houses
          Ferris, Baker, and Watts, Inc., 46 S. Loudoun St. storefront renovation
1996: Joel Smith and Anthony Andriola, Cork St. Tavern addition
          Tom Dick, Chelsea Bagel storefront, 24 S. Loudoun St.
          Rebecca Godfrey, 218 N. Braddock St.
          Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum, downtown economic vitality
1997: Ed Chapman and Rich Raulings, Daily Grind storefront, 1-3 S. Loudoun St.
          Tim Youmans, Director of Planning for City of Winchester
          Shenandoah University, Bowman Building
          Nancy Murphy and Buck Miller, 413 S. Kent St.
1998: Trish and Harry Ridgeway, 19 (or 9) S. Cameron St.
          Habitat for Humanity for neighborhood revitalization
          Katherine Yancey and Joyce Yancey Largent, Stephens City Streetscape
          Missy and Rick Clark, relocating a structure
          Nancy and Larry Omps, 117 N. Braddock St.
          Lauri Bridgeforth and Vernon Marsteller, 123-125 S. Loudoun St.
          Kit Molden, Melco, 211-213 Sharp St.
1999: Roberta Munske for Young George Washington Exhibit
          Brian and Virginia LaMaster, 143 W. Boscawen St.
          Robert and Susie Claytor, Springdale (Frederick Co.)
          Kim and Marietta Wall, 909 Martinsburg Pike
          Matthew and Claudia McElduff, 227 Amherst
          Dave Holliday Construction, 48 W. Boscawen St.
          Robert Solenberger family, efforts to protect area's orchard/agricultural heritage
2000: Adams Companies, Sacred Heart Church
          Dave Holliday, 523 S. Cameron St.
          Douglass Alumni Association, Frederick Douglas School Register Nomination
          Philip Griffin family, 102 S. Kent St.
          Eugene and Sarah Smith, 221 S. Cameron St.
          Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, stabilization of Old Church ruins
          David Barnes, 104-108 N. Braddock St.
2001: Frank Sanders, research renovation of Old Town Spring
          Fairrell Stewart, 136 N. Washington St.
          Beverly Pearce, 7 N. Loudoun St.
          Adams Companies, 112 N. Braddock St.
2002: David McLaughlin, 616-618 S. Loudoun St.
          Fran Kysela, 410 S. Cameron St.
          Dave Holliday, Swimley's/Piccadilly Square
          Buck Miller, 612 S. Kent St.
          25 W. Piccadilly St.
          Habitat for Humanity, infill construction on the 400 Block of N. Kent St.
2003: Wenkare Properties, LLC, 517 S. Kent St.
          Chris White, DBA, 511 N. Loudoun St.
          Beverly Pearce, 7 ½ N. Loudoun St.
          George Glaize, 30 S. Cameron St.
          Godfrey Miller Home, Inc., new construction with compatible architecture
          Gail and Sam Long, 118 N. Washington St.
          Susan and Stewart Masters, 29 N. Loudoun St.
          John David Smith, Jeorg Eichmann, Debra Johnson and Richard Oram, 103 N. Loudoun St.
2004: Dr. Ramsey and Janet Sfeir, 730 Merriman's Lane
          R.J. and Mary Turner, Homespun on Cedar Creek Grade
          Our Health, 301-329 N. Cameron St.
          Robina Bouffault, 1 N. Loudoun St.
          The French & Indian War Foundation, 419 N. Loudoun
2005: J. Joseph Haynes, 302 Amherst St.
          Rebecca Ebert, 411 S. Kent St.
          Linda Q. Ross, 320 S. Loudoun St.
2006: Gary and Carol Kula, 122 N. Washington St.
          Theodora and Benjamin Rezba, VA Agricultural Experimental Station Greenhouse
          Gary Rutherford and Dale Massey, Piccadilly's Brew Pub
2007: Thomas and Lucy Rockwood, 101 N. Washington St.
          Reader and Swartz Architects, City Meat Building, 213 N. Cameron St.
          KSR, LLC, 208-220 S. Kent St.
2008: First Presbyterian Church: Restoration of the Stone House, Compatible
          Expansion of the Church Edifice, and Remaining in Downtown Winchester
          Rose Foundation: Restoration of 501/503 South Kent Street
          Stanley Corneal, Debra Lynn Johnson, & Richard Oram 116-118 S. Braddock St.
          Richard and Melanie Lewis: Restoration of 309 W. Clifford St.
2009: Jack Helm, 119 S. Washington St.
          Dan and Lisa McCoig, 35 West Piccadilly St.
          Harry and Debbie Smith, 106 North Washington St.
          Paul and Anna Thomson, 15 South Braddock
2010: Scott Weaver, 1 S. Loudoun
          North Cameron Properties LLC, Snapp Foundry, 329 N. Cameron
          Jimmy Stewart, 518 S. Kent St.
2011: Tommy Beavers, 18 W. Clifford St.
          Christ Episcopal Church, 114 W. Boscawen St.
2012: Tommy Beavers and Scott Moore, 507 S. Loudoun St.
          Alec Bouldin and Lindsay Shannon, 427 N. Loudoun St.
2013: Tommy Beavers, 17 E. Monmouth St.
          Bonnie Blue Southern Market and Bakery, 334 W. Boscawen St.
          Alec and Lindsay Bouldin and Richard Shannon, 120 E. Clifford St.
          Celebrating Patsy Cline, 608 S. Kent St.
2014: Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum, 19 W. Cork St.
          Deborah Prutzman, 202 S. Braddock St.
          Alec and Lindsay Bouldin and Richard Shannon, 525 S. Braddock St.
          Glaize & Bro. Properties, 302-304 N. Cameron St.
          Sara D'Amato, 661 Millwood Ave.
          Brian Wishneff & Associates, 119-121 N. Loudoun St.
2015: Thomas and Jaruvan Frerotte, Chop Stick Cafe, 207 North Kent Street
          Jack Schutte and Terri Morgoglione, Handley Crossing, 1000 Valley Avenue
          Winchester Hiram Lodge No. 21 fresco restoration
          Tim and Barbara Bandyke, 205 West Pall Mall Street
2016: Lawton Saunders and Larry Omps, 317 South Cameron Street
          Lindsey Richardson and Brandon Wakeman, 414 North Loudoun Street
          Winchester Little Theatre Phase 1 of the Restoration Campaign, 315 West Boscawen Street
2017: Ann Brady and Gary Farrington, 317 South Braddock St.
          Charles and Kelly Hyre, steel and wood bridge at 445 Fairmont Ave.
2018: Scallan Properties, Coca-Cola Bottling Works, 1720 Valley Avenue
         The Clowser Foundation, The Clowser House, 152 Tomahawk Trail
         Christ Episcopal Church, The Old Rectory porch reconstruction, 134 West Boscawen Street
         The Shendow Family, The Bell's Building, 122 North Loudoun Street
2019: 106 LLC, The Guitar Studio Building, 221-223 South Loudoun Street
         Nancy Murphy and Miguel Reyes, 119 West Leicester Street
         Thomas Ritter II, 414 North Braddock Street
         Stan and Janet Corneal, Fort Loudoun Condominiums,411 North Loudoun Street
         Karen Darby, Pizzoco, 501 North Loudoun Street
         GinTon LLC, 13 East Pall Mall Street
2020-2021: Nancy Murphy, 126 West Leicester Street
         Stephen Von Fange, 501-507 North Cameron Street
         Karen Darby, 417 Fairmont Avenue
         Betty Laws, 416 South Cameron Street
         Stephen P. Williams, 212 North Kent Street
         GinTon LLC, Henkel House, 316 West Boscawen Street
         Beverley Byrd, 312 West Boscawen Street
         David E. Mitchell, 123 East Cork Street
         The Clowser Foundation, Clowser Family Cemetery, 152 Tomahawk Trail
         Scott Bessette, Philip Williams House, 25 West Piccadilly Street
2022: Maroo Property Management LLC, 918 Amherst Street
         Beverley Byrd, 124 West Boscawen Street
         Centenary Reformed United Church of Christ, 202 South Cameron Street
         James Green & Wendy Oesterling, 611 South Cameron Street
         OTW, LLC—Coe Eldredge & William McIntosh, 100 North Loudoun Street
         OTW, LLC—Coe Eldredge & William McIntosh, 114 North Loudoun Street
         Ronald McGehee, 186 North Loudoun Street
         TEJ Builds & Four Square Architects, 301 North Loudoun Street
         The Godfrey Miller Center, 28 South Loudoun Street